In addition to a strong focus on solving your current problems in whatever technology they exist; we leverage the power of leading-edge technologies to propel your business towards the future. Our vision for the future we help to shape is a single, fully integrated management system for both business and operations. A land where OT and IT become one. Where there is a single view of the company’s information from multiple sources. In short, a space where digital acceleration is fully conducive to energy transition.



Awards and Recognitions

Highly Innovative Companies (EAI) 
According to resolution April 4, 2016, given by Colciencias.

Export Competitiveness Award
in the Category Quality Levels given by Fedesoft.

Winner of the Medellín Award
Innovation of the Ruta N Corporation, in the University-Business category.

Manuel Murillo Toro Award  
by ministry of information technologies and communications of Colombia.

Business Mentor 
given by Alianza Futuro Digital Medellín.