CONTRIBUTION TO THE FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19: Intelligent Automation of Processes

We have had a rewarding experience contributing to the global fight against COVID-19. MVM played a pivotal role in developing an RPA-based technological solution for one of our clients, aimed at enhancing vaccination services for children and adults in light of the current public health contingency. This client is the leading partner for the provision of local government health services. Our solution incorporates a digital assistant that facilitates the registration of COVID-19 vaccination doses on a Colombian government website. 


This technological solution has augmented our client’s capacity to address the substantial challenges associated with COVID-19 vaccination through automated processes. As a result, our client has achieved significant outcomes, including: 


  • Reducing patients’ attention time at the vaccination service from 18 minutes to 8 minutes. This reduction has aided in reducing the risk of contagion from the large number of people at health centers by reducing the time patients spend there.
  • Increasing daily vaccination capacity against COVID-19 by 30%.
  • Meeting the defined goal of COVID-19 vaccine doses established by the Colombian government.
  • Expanding patient care coverage for the growing number of vaccines patients need to receive.
  • Boosting patient care capacity for existing vaccination services, thereby increasing the rate of protection against other diseases and mitigating potential complications arising from COVID-19 infection.
  • Preparing our client’s capacity for automated vaccination processes for large groups of people once the COVID-19 vaccine becomes available.


In conclusion, we are proud of our contribution to the fight against COVID-19, and we remain committed to developing innovative solutions to support the healthcare industry in navigating the unprecedented challenges posed by this global pandemic.  

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