Efficiency in strategic, operational, and commercial energy management through advanced measurement analysis of consumption readings

Electricity companies have great challenges when capturing, extracting, transforming, validating, and analyzing their users’ energy consumption data. This data’s measurement review process, for non-regulated users, is fundamental for two reasons:


  1. To comply with energy regulations applicable to electricity trading companies in Colombia, related to the quality of measurement and reporting to the operator and market administrator.
  2. The time lag between an energy consumption variation and its identification has a negative impact on the company’s income because it limits the ability to make prompt strategic, operational, and business decisions.

One of MVM‘s clients, a private power generation and trading company contributing 3,200 MW to the electrical system in Colombia, substantially improved the measurement review process for energy consumption readings and the management of findings derived from this process. By using MVM Measurement Analysis, a module in MVM Energy Suite, this client was able to monitor the information that comes from telemetry and the market operator and administrator. MVM Measurement Analysis uses advanced cloud technology and intelligent software services for the extraction, transformation, and analysis of information.


The benefits obtained by our client were the following:

  • Automating an important part of the process.
  • Modeling their own information analysis schemes.
  • Customizing early alerts on the quality of the measurement.
  • Selectively escalating cases to customer service executives for a more personalized management.
  • Documenting that management.
  • Analyzing the behavior of energy consumption and generation to take action against suspected anomalies, and
  • Meeting regulatory deadlines for the delivery of information with quality and timeliness.

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